This is a preliminary compilation and analysis of Upper Devonian faunas, recognizedly incomplete. The compiler seeks the aid of others to ameliorate its errors and omissions so that a more perfect list may eventuate. Nevertheless, as it stands, it will serve to rectify widespread correlations of the American Upper Devonian strata, by reference to the distinctive faunas herein differentiated in the standard section of New York and the adjoining portions of Pennsylvania and Ohio, for there are four or five faunas known as “Chemung,” surely two that have been lumped as “Portage,” while the fishes, called “Catskill,” belong to seven faunas at least.

Stratigraphic work in the area, as it affects the broader correlations herein employed, is practically finished. The difficulties that now arise in sorting out the published faunas into their correct stratigraphic groups are chiefly those due to inaccurate or vague records of localities for the described . . .

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