Cylindrical structures in sandstone. By J. E. Hawley and R. C. Hart (pages 1017–1034)

Comment by Hugh D. Miser*

The interestingly written and well-illustrated paper by J. E. Hawley and R. C. Hart recalls similar features with which I am personally familiar, and also others to which my attention has been directed. Large cylindrical structures, some of which are described by the authors, are found in the sandstone of Cambrian age in the vicinity of Kingston, Ontario, and in the neighboring State of New York, and received the attention of geologists as long ago as 1889. The sandstone cylinders described in the cited paper are exposed near Kingston. They have a nearly circular cross-section, measuring 2½ to 10 feet in diameter, and extend vertically through the nearly horizontal sandstone, which is as much as 65 feet thick in that locality. They are composed of sand grains similar in . . .

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