The Peninsular Range which forms the main axis of the peninsula of Lower (Baja) California extends about 100 miles northward into California. Certain subdivisions of the range in California are called by separate names, such as the San Jacinto, Santa Ana, and Santa Rosa ranges. The Peninsular Range occupies all of San Diego County with the exception of a comparatively narrow coastal belt. This paper deals more especially with the geomorphology of that part of the range which lies in southern San Diego County, but many comments apply to the larger area.

Various workers during the last eighty years have published statements bearing upon, the geomorphology of the region. Three papers are the most important. One, by Fairbanks,1 deals largely with the rocks of the region, but includes some important notes on the geomorphology. Another, by Ellis,2 deals only with western San Diego County with emphasis upon the ground . . .

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