A synopsis of this paper was presented before the Sixteenth International Geological Congress at Washington in July, 1933, but as the paper itself was too long to appear in the Compte Rendu of the Congress, the Geological Society of America kindly consented to publish it.

Since the writer’s lengthy review of the Permian of the world was published by the Society in 1928,1 a flood of Permian literature has appeared, from which he has gathered much information; also, he has been in correspondence with local workers on the Permian in many parts of the world. Furthermore, he has recently received, through coöperation with the Geological Survey of India, a large collection of fossils from the Productus limestone of the Salt Range, made by a trained collector, Austin M. N. Ghosh. Through another local collector, Guiseppe Bonafede, of Palermo, he has received a representative collection from the Middle Permian of . . .

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