The Kamchatka group of volcanoes constitutes a great and important link in the Pacific volcanic chain which, with Java as its first link, extends diagonally across the Pacific to Alaska, the intermediate links being the Philippine Islands, the Japanese archipelago, the Kurile Islands, Kamchatka, and the Aleutian Islands. There are 127 volcanoes known in Kamchatka, 19 of which are active or solfataric. This is the greatest active group of volcanoes on the Eurasian continent.

English scientific literature contains little data about the volcanoes of Kamchatka, or, for that matter, about the peninsula of Kamchatka as a whole.

It needed the tremendous eruption of Shtyubelya in southern Kamchatka in 1907, effects and phenomena of which were observed as far as western Europe, to bring to the world's attention the existence of these powerful, although remote, volcanoes.

The most important writings in English about explorations in Kamchatka and about its fundamental geography . . .

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