A number of unusually sharp domes are found in Lincoln and southern Mitchell counties, Kansas (figure 1). Some of the individual domes have closures as great as 90 feet and a structural relief exceeding 130 feet (figure 2). Dips up to four degrees were measured by one of the authors (Landes) in southern Mitchell County.2 Most of the anticlines are elliptical, but a few are nearly circular. One cluster in north central Lincoln County consists of six domes, of which five have the same top contour. In another group in the same vicinity four domes lie in a row but such alignment is exceptional. To the southwest and west a greater variation in shape occurs, and Twenhofel3 has termed such structures “amoeboid.” Although a number of test wells have been drilled on both the symmetrical domes and the “amoeboid” anticlines in Mitchell, Lincoln, and Osborne counties, they have all . . .

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