Foreword; states occasion for publication at this time.

Working Hypotheses; presents hypothesis of eruptive origin of crust of the earth, resulting in granitic continents, basaltic ocean beds, and isostatic equilibrium among them.

Permanency; quotes Dana on permanency of continents and ocean basins and poses problem of continental bridges.

Isthmian Links.

Case in point; cites Isthmus of Panama and its relation to frame‐work of Caribbean.

Framework of Caribbean; summarizes the tectonic history during post-Paleozoic time, showing orogenic upthrusting of periphery.

Environment of Caribbean; describes surrounding masses and considers, but rejects suggestion that compressive forces might have acted centripetally.

Caribbean a dynamic basin; argues that orogenic upthrusting of framework has been due to expansive forces, originating within and under the Caribbean deep.

Continental linking; linking of North America with South America by Isthmus of Panama attributed to dynamic activity of Caribbean deep and interpreted as an illustration of the elevation of . . .

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