Very little is known about the marine Tertiary of Alaska. A number of marine fossils have been described from various localities, but the collections that have been made previous to 1920 are from scattered localities, and usually the material is not very well preserved. Grewingk2 described a few Tertiary species as early as 1850. In 1904 D all3 listed and described some marine Eocene fossils from the Alaska Peninsula. He also described a number of species from Miocene beds of the Shumagin Islands; the latter collections came from two localities, Unga Island and Popoff Island. Tertiary marine fossils have been reported from several localities along the coast of Alaska, and lists of species are given in various papers published by the United States Geological Survey. The determinations of the species in most of these lists, a large proportion of which are given as tentative, were made by Dall.

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