About 1 mile north of Frederick, Tillman County, Oklahoma, is a sand and gravel pit which has been operated commercially during the past several years. From this deposit the owner and operator, A. H. Holloman, has obtained during the past 5 years a dozen or more artifacts. No particular interest was attached to the first artifacts found, and some were allowed to go into the refuse dump. However, later Mr. Holloman became interested in this unusual occurrence and showed some of the objects to Dr. F. B. Priestly, a physician then living in Frederick. Doctor Priestly appreciated the scientific value of this find and having recently read a paper by Harold Cook on the association of artifacts with extinct animals published in the Scientific American, wrote the editor, A. G. Ingalls, who in turn communicated with Mr. Cook. In January, 1927, J. D. Figgins, director of the Colorado Museum . . .

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