During the summer of 1920 ten weeks were spent in the Controller Bay-Yakataga region, Alaska. Although the work was primarily economic, detailed mapping was carried out wherever practicable, and a fairly large collection of fossils was obtained in the Yakataga District. These are described by Dr. B. L. Clark in an accompanying paper. The writer was ably assisted in the field by C. E. Meek and John B. Stevens. Acknowledgments are also due to L. V. Leeper and Capt. Michael Manson, whose thorough knowledge of the country greatly facilitated the investigation.

The Controller Bay region, which includes the Katalla and Nichawak districts, lies about 70 miles east of Cordova and about 1,250 miles north‐west of Seattle. It is not a port of call of the steamers in the Alaskan trade, but may be reached by launch from Cordova. The Yakataga District is 75 miles east of Controller Bay and . . .

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