My subject is Eu-topo-tropism. I imagine some of my profaner hearers will be inclined to say, “What in hell is eutopotropism ?” To which I would reply, “It is not in hell.”

Others more literary may ask, “In what dictionary is it ?”

To which I would reply: “It is not in any dictionary. I made it up.” I made it up to shock you so that you will remember the idea, for although the word is new, the idea is not.

Eutopotropism is the tendency or sense to know where you are well off and go there, the sense to find the fit place.2 It is the opposite of the trait exemplified by the June bug who will “buzz and butt his head against a wall” or the moth that “shrivels in the fire.”

The derivation is obvious to one familiar with English science or Greek roots. Helio-trope is . . .

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