Early Investigators

As this has been announced to be a centenary year for glacial geology, a few words of explanation may be needed. The relevancy of 1928 as a centenary of glacial geology is based on the fact that two important investigations of glaciers date from the year 1828. That year marks the beginning of glacial studies by Jean de Charpentier, who with Louis Agassiz took high rank in early investigations and who led Agassiz to take up glacial studies. His most important work, “Essai sur les Glaciers,” was not published until 1841, but for several years previous he had presented the results of his investigations before Swiss scientific societies. In 1828 also occurred the first publication by F. J. Hugi, a bold mountaineer, of results of his studies of Alpine glaciers, entitled “Beobachtungen in den Alphen.” 2 His studies brought out many facts about the structure and condition of . . .

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