Prefatory Note by the Editor

The following seven papers, which were arranged as a symposium on the centenary of the Glacial theory, constituted the program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Geological Society of America in joint session during the afternoon of December 27, 1928, at the American Museum of Natural History, New York. The papers listed in the symposium bear the following titles:

  1. H. F. Osborn, “Influence of the Glacial Age on the Evolution of Man.”

  2. C. A. Reeds, “Weather and Glaciation.”

  3. E. Antevs, “Maps of the Pleistocene Glaciations.”

  4. R. A. Daly, “Swinging Sealevel of the Ice Age.”

  5. W. H. Hobbs, “Climatic Zones and Periods of Glaciation.”

  6. F. Leverett, “Glaciations of the Northern Hemisphere.”

  7. C. A. Reeds, Base Maps of the World.

The subject for this series of addresses presented itself to Professor Henry Fairfield Osborn, President of the American Museum of Natural History . . .

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