Introduction.—Among several collections of fossil plants from the Lower Coal Measures of the Carboniferous of Henry county, Missouri, have been found a number of specimens representing a remarkable and apparently new species which presents a striking combination of tæniopteroid and alethopteroid characters. This species is of peculiar interest from the fact that it exhibits divisions of a type well known in certain Paleozoic and Mesozoic tæniopteroid forms .arranged and developed in the manner familiar in the genus Alethopteris, as will be seen in the accompanying figures and following description:

Tæniopteris missouriensis, n. sp.

pi. I, figures 1–7.

Diagnosis.—Fronds bipinnate (tripinnate ?), the larger divisions linear lanceolate, acute, composed of pinnatifid pinnules near the base, above which are simple pinnules; primary rachis broad, shining, marked by somewhat irregular lines, and consisting of a thickened central portion, broadly but shallowly canaliculate above, half-round below, and of thinner marginal laminæ; . . .

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