The Pichis and Pachitea rivers form a link in the main line of travel from Lima across the Andes and through the Peruvian montaña to Iquitos. By this route one travels from Lima to Oroya by rail in one day, from Oroya to La Merced by automobile in two half days, from La Merced to Puerto Yessup, over the well graded “Pichis Trail,” on mule-back in six to eight days, and from Puerto Yessup to Puerto Bermudez in a short day by canoe. At times of high water steamers of the smallest draft can ascend the Ucayali River as far as Puerto Bermudez, but at the time of lowest water, in September, they can not enter the Pachitea River. In 1925 a motorboat service for mail and passengers was established between Puerto Bermudez and Masisea, which increased the length of the period during which the rivers could be navigated . . .

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