Subsurface geology is peculiarly different from other phases of the science because the evidence is frequently so scant that conclusions drawn from a series of known facts may differ widely. This is especially true in the interpretation of the attitude of beds below an unconformable contact wherein such additional factors as divergence of strata, steep folding, or faulting of beds may be present.

Locality and Stratigraphy

The present paper depends on stratigraphic data obtained from logs of oil wells drilled 4,000 or more feet deep, near the eastern border of the “Red Beds,” in north central Oklahoma. Because of some 25 feet of mantle rock, this nearly level region is remarkable for its lack of evidences of anticlinal folding at the surface. From the surface downward 1,000 feet of the geologic section is Permian, lying conformably upon 3,000 feet of Pennsylvanian, while the Mississippian rocks (“Mississippian lime” of drillers2 . . .

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