At least four pre-Pleistocene glacial epochs are known to have occurred in Australia, being of pre-Cambrian, Cambrian, Permo-Carboniferous, and probable Upper Cretaceous ages respectively.

Much work has been done by Professor David2 on this subject and he has ably summarized the existing knowledge.3

In Australia pre-Cambrian tillite was first proved in 1902 by Howchin,4 but he. considered it as of Cambrian age. It is conspicuous in Sturt. Creek, 7 miles southeast of Adelaide, South Australia (plate 9), and it is said to be in places 300 to 900 feet thick. Tillite of Lower Cambrian age is known at a number of localities in Australia and may have been contemporaneous with the Nan-t’ou tillite described by Willis5 in the Yangtze Kiang Valley of central China. Tillites of Permo-Carboniferous age are of widespread occurrence in New South Wales, South Australia (plate 9), Queensland, and in Kimberley and North‐west divisions of Western Australia. . . .

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