Session of Monday, December 27

Monday morning the members of the Society met with the Geological Society of America in the Auditorium of Agricultural Hall of the University of Wisconsin to hear the papers of general geological interest and especially those comprising the Symposium of Precambrian Geology.

At 2 p. m., in the general lecture room of the Soils Building, President Weller called the Society to order in business session in its eighteenth annual meeting. The report of the Council was the first matter of business.


To the Paleontological Society, in eighteenth annual meeting assembled:

The business of the Society has been transacted at sessions of the Council immediately before and after the seventeenth annual meeting at New Haven and by correspondence. A résumé is given in the following reports:

Secretary’s Report

To the Council of the Paleontological Society:

The Secretary’s report for the year ending . . .

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