It is the purpose of this paper to record briefly stratigraphic data collected in 1924 and 1925 along the western margin of the Wasatch Plateau ; to correlate it with data previously recorded for the other regions to the south and north; and to interpret on the basis of the correlation the probable position of the Upper Cretaceous shoreline at several periods during the history of the region.

The westernmost Cretaceous deposits of Utah appear in more or less isolated areas along a line extending through Cedar City at the southwest and Coalville at the northeast. The localities important in the present discussion are those in the Colob Plateau, near Cedar City; the western edge of the Wasatch Plateau near Manti and Salina; the Blacktail Mountain district, in the western Uinta Basin; the Coalville region; and the region near Evanston, Wyoming. Several other areas of Cretaceous rocks also lie . . .

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