The material on which this paper is based is at present the property of the West Virginia Geological Survey and is later to become the property of the Department of Geology, West Virginia University. It is presented for discussion with the approval of Dr. I. C. White, State Geologist. So far as known, it is the only Permian vertebrate material that has been found within the limits of the State. Because of the rarity of such material, it is thought it would prove a desirable exhibit, and it is hoped that some of the specimens may be of use in correlation of strata in West Virginia with strata in Texas and Arizona.

The writer wishes to acknowledge the photostat work of Prof. George W. Grow in preparation of the plate.

Footprints of a Stegocephalian or Reptile, Waynesburg Sandstone

The footprints2 here illustrated and described came from 19 1/2 . . .

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