The correlation of the later marine Tertiaries of the Atlantic Coastal Plain and Gulf is obscured by the absence of a good standard section of marine deposits in warm temperate Europe. The European boreal faunas are well developed, and the Mediterranean, but the temperate and warm temperate faunas, which would be most closely comparable to the majority of those of the Atlantic and Gulf provinces, are represented largely by continental, fluviatile, or lacustrine assemblages.

Aquitanian Question of the Atlantic Coastal Plain

A discussion of the Aquitanian question is quite beyond the limits of this paper. The Aquitanian in Europe ushered in one of the most momentous diastrophic movements in the history of the world. In America, in the Gulf province, the orderly deposition of limestones, marls, and sands continued, with no conspicuous interruption, from the close of the Vicksburg to the close of the Alum Bluff. This . . .

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