Location and Extent

Franklin Mountains lie east of Mackenzie River and extend from Willow Lake River, latitude 62° 45′ north, northward to an unknown distance beyond Great Bear River, probably to latitude 65° 30′ north. At their southern extension they flank Mackenzie River, but northward they are in general from 4 to 6 miles to the east, and for 45 miles south of Great Bear River they are from 10 to 16 miles east of Mackenzie River.

Mackenzie Mountains, extending from Liard River, in latitude 60°, to latitude 66°, form the main northeastern division of the Rocky Mountain system and are offset about 150 miles to the east of the main trend of its axis. The Franklins form a subsidiary and extreme northeastern division of the system, their axis lying from 20 to 50 miles east of the front of Mackenzie Mountains. At Willow Lake River, Franklin and Mackenzie Mountains . . .

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