Recently I. have examined a very perfect skull of Dicynodon sollasi (Broom), of the Upper Permian Endothiodon beds from Biesjespoort, Cape Colony, South Africa,2 which I had received as a kind donation from Dr. R. Broom. One of the results which seems to me of importance concerns the vomer question.

Character of ventral Side of Skull

The ventral side of this skull indicates the following characters:

The anterior portion of the basisphenoid possesses a long rostrum directed obliquely upward and in a higher plane than any part of the palate. The upper and posterior portion of it forms a thin and moderately high median blade, which I take for the presphenoid. The thicker and lower part of it, which extends to the anterior side of the orbits, I regard as the parasphenoid.

Below the branching of the rostrum basisphenoidei the pterygoid touches the basis cranii in the usual manner . . .

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