Extent of the Field

Apparently by common consent the present symposium covers the study of the formation of sedimentary deposits from the immediate or even remote origin of the component materials to the destruction of the deposit—that is, not only sedimentation, or the process of deposing sediment, but also the nature of the ancestral rocks and the complex processes of weathering, plucking, transportation (direct, interrupted, repeated, and reversed), deposition (usually repeated), diagenesis, and all the other processes in the entire cycle of transformation from igneous or metamorphic rocks to metamorphic or even igneous rocks. It includes the multitude of physical processes, agents, and results involved in the formation of a clastic deposit; and most sedimentary rocks are to some degree clastic. The field thus overlaps that of erosion, particularly with regard to transportation.

Objects of Research

The main reason for studying the physical or any other characters of sedimentary deposits is to acquire . . .

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