Session of Saturday, December 28

The tenth annual meeting of the Society was called to order by President Knowlton at 10 a. m., December 28, in the Civil Engineering Building, at Johns Hopkins University. The report of the Council was the first matter of business on the program.

Report of the Council

To the Paleontological Society, in tenth annual meeting assembled:

Two formal meetings of the Council have been held during the year—one at Pittsburgh, following the ninth annual meeting, and the second just before the present session. Several members of the Council have met informally at Washington during the year and discussed matters of business, which was concluded with the other Council members by correspondence. The following reports of officers give a resume of the administration for the tenth year of the Society:

Secretary’s Report

To the Council of the Paleontological Society:

Meetings.—The proceedings of the ninth annual meeting of the Society, . . .

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