In the spring of the present year, Mr. E. T. Durable, state geologist of Texas, sent me for examination a small collection of fossil plants from the Wichita beds of that state.

These plants were discovered and collected by Mr. W. F. Cummins, assistant on the Texas survey. They occur in the Wichita beds along with invertebrate remains which Dr. C. A. White has assigned to a Permain age, and vertebrate remains which Professor Cope asserts are of the same age. I was therefore quite anxious to know what answer the plants might give to the question of supposed geological equivalency between the Wichita series of deposits and those at the summit of the Carboniferous column in southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia and in southern Ohio, where the invertebrate and reptilian remains are absent, or at least not yet discovered, though plant remains are abundant.

These West Virginia beds above . . .

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