History of the Discovery.

The first discovery known to me of lower Paleozoic fossils in the vicinity of Canyon City, Colorado, was made in 1887 by Mr. S. F. Emmons, of the United States Geological Survey. The collection included two species of lamellibranch shells and one species of gasteropod. After examining the specimens, I requested Mr. Emmons to have a larger collection made from the same horizon, as the species indicated an unrecognized Paleozoic fauna in Colorado. Mr. T. W. Stanton was employed by Mr. Emmons to collect from the sandstones and limestones above the Archean, and a collection was sent in by him accompanied by a sketch of several sections. About the same time Mr. I. C. Russell, of the Geological Survey, while stopping at Canyon City, collected from the lower sandstone a number of specimens of Lingula and several portions of the calcified covering of what is now . . .

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