Session of Thursday, December 27

The first general session of the Society was called to order at 9.40 o’clock a. m., Thursday, December 27, at the Planters’ Hotel, Saint Louis, Missouri, by President Frank D. Adams.

The report of the Council for the year ending November 30, 1917, was presented as follows:


To the Geological Society of America, in thirtieth annual meeting assembled:

The regular annual meeting of the Council was held at Albany, N. Y., in connection with the meeting of the Society, December 27–29, 1916. A special meeting was held at New York, N. Y., February 21, 1917.

The details of administration for the twenty-ninth year of the existence of the Society are given in the following reports of the officers:

Secretary’s Report

To the Council of the Geological Society of America:

Secretaryship.—During the absence of the Secretary the duties of the office were efficiently discharged by . . .

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