Compared with the United States, Canada is but a small producer of petroleum, the output of the two countries for the year 1915 being about 281,104,104 and 215,464 barrels respectively. In other words, the production of Canada was less than one-tenth of one per cent of that of the United States. Preliminary estimates for 1916 are 198,1232 and 292,300,0003 barrels respectively. With the exception of a very small output in Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick are the only provinces that are producing petroleum in commercial quantities. A little has been found in numerous places beyond the limits of the producing areas in the two provinces and elsewhere in Canada.

Owing to the comparatively small importance of the industry in Canada, and also to the fact that information concerning the distribution and modes of occurrence of petroleum in this country is in readily available form, in recent government publications, the subject . . .

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