Introduction and Acknowledgments

The material of this paper was prepared with two objects in view : first, to describe and interpret some of the sections exposed in the vicinity of Waterville, and thus add to the small amount of detailed literature existing on the Pleistocene of Maine; second, to add to the list of Pleistocene fossils of Maine, as published by various workers and tabulated by Clapp,2 a few forms collected here during the past five years. The facts presented were collected in connection with work with my classes at Colby College, supplemented by some work during the summer. The identifications have been made through the kindness of Prof. E. W. Berry, of Johns Hopkins, to whose encouragement, indeed, is due the preparation of this paper.3

Description of the Deposits

Waterville is located on the Kennebec River, 18 miles above Augusta, the capital of the State, and 81 miles above Portland. The . . .

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