Part I. The Facts

At the last meeting of the Society I read a brief paper setting forth the general correlations of the several faunas of the Eastport quadrangle.2 During the past year Mr. E. S. Bastin has been preparing the maps for the folio and I have been at work on the fossils. The folio is now ready for publication. In the paper above referred to I designated the several faunas by numbers. Names have now been agreed on for the several formations from which the faunas were derived to be used in the folio as follows:

Fauna number I is from the Quoddy shale of the folio. (Bottom.)

Fauna number II is from the Dennys formation.

Fauna number III is from the Edmunds formation.

Fauna number IV is from the Pembroke formation.

Fauna number V is from the Eastport formation.

Fauna number VI is from the Perry . . .

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