A knob of volcanic or effusive rock of quite exceptional occurrence and character is found in Saratoga County, New York. It stands close to the west bank of the Hudson River, one mile north of the village of Schuylerville and 10 miles east of Saratoga Springs. Seen from the east, it appears as a knob some 70 feet in height on the margin of the terrace which fronts the river. Viewed from the west, it is much less prominent, standing only about 30 feet above the general level of the terrace. The terrace steadily rises in level to the west and soon exceeds the altitude of the knob’s summit.


The knob is located well to one side of ordinary routes of travel and wholly escaped the attention of geologists until discovered, studied, and described by Woodworth in 1901.2 It subsequently remained unvisited until studied by Ruedemann and myself . . .

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