The maximum amount of deformation and direction of the postglacial earth-movements was first discussed by me in a memoir entitled “The Iroquois Beach: a chapter in the geological history of Lake Ontario.” 2 In this I made the following statement:

“If the axes of maximum elevation for the various triangles about Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay be produced, they meet near latitude 51° north and longitude 74½° west, a few miles, west of Lake Mistassini, and east of the southern end of James Bay.

“Although mainly radiating from the focus, the axes of maximum elevation for the different triangles is not uniform, and are locally modified, as along the western side of Lake Ontario, where there is found a secondary axis of uplift to the east. Combining the more western axes with those of the eastern end of the lake, another focus of uplift appears near the ‘height of . . .

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