The great inconsistency in the use of terms relating to faults, and especially the lack of uniformity when dealing with faults in which there is a component of displacement parallel with the fault strike,2 led to the appointment by the Council of the Geological Society of America at the Baltimore meeting, December, 1908, of a Committee on the Nomenclature of Faults. This Committee was charged with recommending a proper nomenclature. A preliminary report was made at the Washington meeting, December 30, 1911, and was printed as a special brochure by order of the Council, under the title “Proposed Nomenclature of Faults.” Copies were sent to all Fellows of the Society and a few other geologists with the request that it be freely criticised. The Committee received a number of letters containing apt criticisms and making useful suggestions. As a result of these letters and the discussion at the New . . .

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