Existing Glacieks and Wisconsin Glaciation

During the field season of 1911 the writer had the pleasure of being associated with Mr. M. R. Campbell, Dr. T. W. Stanton, Mr. J. R. Hoats, and Mr. J. Elmer Thomas, of the U. S. Geological Survey, in initiating a geological survey of Glacier National Park, Montana, his particular assignment being the study of past and present glaciation and associated phenomena2 (plate 37).

There are in the cirques at the heads of the valleys, high up on the flanks of the mountains in the heart of the Lewis Bange, one hundred or more existing glaciers, ranging in size from those a few square rods in extent to ice fields of 2 or 3 miles area. Besides the cirques in which these glaciers lie, there are a multitude of glacial amphitheaters, in many of which are beautiful lakes, but in which glaciers do not now . . .

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