During the summers of 1907, 1908, and 1909 the writer investigated the geology of parts of Bland, Giles, Pulaski, and Montgomery counties of northern Virginia. Four weeks of 1908 were spent north of Narrows, 011 New River, and two weeks 12 miles south of Narrows, where the Dubliu-Pearisburg road crosses Cloyds Mountain. In the former region most of the Mississippian formations can be studied and in the latter a fine section is exposed. The sections are so strikingly unlike that some time was spent in attempting to account for the differences. The outcrops occur in parallel belts striking northeast-southwest. The dip is generally above 45 degrees, and between the two lines of outcrop all rocks younger than the Devonian have been removed by erosion. As near as can be determined from available data, the regions were about 36 miles apart before folding and faulting took place, and the drawing . . .

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