In my paper on the development of Paleozoic Bryozoa (6), published in 1904, I stated that the results brought out in that paper regarding the budding order of the initial growth stages of the bryozoan colony would afford a solution of the systematic position of the Trepostomata, or Monticuliporoids. In a second paper (7) I showed that the protoecium, or first exothecal stage of the primary individual of the colony, is very persistent in the primitive order of the Cyclostomata, and that it is also very strikingly developed in the Cryptostomata (Fenestella, Polypora, Thamniscus, etcetera). The exact form and morphological and developmental significance of this feature of bryozoan development were discussed at length in the latter paper.

During the past six years I have succeeded in obtaining the desired evidence in regard to the development of the Trepostomata, and have worked out in detail the development of a number . . .

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