Previous Investigators

The Richmond bowlder train has been a subject of study and discussion among geologists since before the middle of the last century. It was discovered and first traced across the country by Dr. S. Reid, formerly of Richmond, Massachusetts, and, according to Benton, was first described by him in 1842. Reid had several papers on this subject, and it was discussed by Edward Hitchcock and by H. D. and W. B. Rogers in 1845, by E. Desor in 1848, and by Sir Charles Lyell in 1855. These early writings were at a time when the glacial theory of Louis Agassiz was new and not yet generally accepted. The different ways in which these authors explain the origin of the bowlder trains is interesting now chiefly from a historical point of view.

Location and Characteristics of Richmond Train

The Richmond train extends from Fryes Hill, otherwise known as “The . . .

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