Preliminary Meeting for the Organization of a Paleontological Society

The meeting for the purpose of organizing a paleontological society was called to order by Prof. Charles Schuchert, in the Geological Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, at 9.10 a. m., December 30, 1908. Mr. T. W. Stanton was appointed Secretary pro tempore.

The following persons were present and by their signatures signified their intention to take part in organizing the Paleontological Society of America: H. M. Ami, Ralph Arnold, R. M. Bagg, Jr., R. S. Bassler, J. W. Beede, E. W. Berry, E. C. Case, William Bullock Clark, John M. Clarke, Harold J. Cook, Edgar R. Cumings, August P. Foerste, J. W. Gidley, Charles W. Gilmore, A. W. Grabau, Edwin Kirk, P. H. Knowlton, E. B. Loomis, R. S. Lull, W. D. Matthew, Henry Fairfield Osborn, Charles S. Prosser, P. S. Raymond, E. S. Riggs, T. E. Savage, Charles Schuchert, . . .

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