Previous Fluctuations

Since the year 1890, the mean level of Lake Erie has fallen about 1 foot1 and the basin above Goat Island about a foot and a half. From that year until the end of 1905, the mean annual fluctuations varied scarcely more than 1 foot, while in one case the mean monthly variation reached nearly 2 feet; but during the progress of storms, when the wind has changed to the opposite direction, the fluctuations have been found to reach 5 or even 6 feet.

Fluctuations of 1909

During January and the early part of February, 1909, the lake level was below that of the mean, but on February 10 Lake Erie rose nearly 3 feet above the mean annual average height (1889–1905, inclusive), while in the following and succeeding days it fell with a northerly wind to 4 feet below the mean (as shown by the records . . .

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