The following notes, based on field work done in 1899 and 1900, were obtained while making a detailed geological map of the Silver Peak quadrangle for the U. S. Geological Survey. I was assisted in this work by C. E. Knecht, of Stanford University. A paper was published in 19002 on the Tertiary lake beds (Esmeralda formation), and a short summary concerning the sedimentary formations in general of Esmeralda county was published in 1902.3

The complete description of the formations and rocks shown on the detailed geological map was sent to Washington, and this was used by J. E. Spurr in his paper,4 “Ore deposits of the Silver Peak quadrangle.” A generalized geological map, taken from my detailed map, was published by Mr Spurr, and this map may assist the reader of the present paper in getting an idea of the geology of this interesting region. Many Cambrian fossils

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