No comprehensive bibliography of the geology of Brazil has hitherto been attempted. M. de Margerie, in his Catalogue des Bibliographies Géologiques, published in Paris in 1896 by the Congrès Géologique International; mentions six papers upon geologic subjects, each of which contains references to Brazilian geology; but none of these lists makes any pretense of being a bibliography of the geology of Brazil. In 1881 the Bibliotheca Nacional, at Rio de Janeiro, published its important Catalogo da Exposição da Historia do Brazil in two large volumes. One of these volumes contains a list of the books and papers in the Bibliotheca Nacional that relate to the geology of Brazil, and included in this are many titles of works belonging to private individuals and not belonging to the library at that time. That is the nearest approach that has yet been made to a bibliography of the geology of Brazil. The . . .

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