Citations from the Founders Touching the Typical Area.

In entering on a fresh discussion of the Huronian system* it appears desirable to show, by documentary citations, what were the conceptions of the founders of the system.

Murray's earliest Description.—The term “Huronian” was based on the name of Lake Huron, along whose northern shores, and contiguous thereto, the rocks are located to which the, name was first applied. The earliest description of these rocks was by Alexander Murray, in 1848. He says:

“The older groups observed consist, firstly, of a metamorphic series, composed of granitic and syenitic rocks in the forms of gneiss, mica slate and hornblende slate, and, secondly, of a stratified series, composed of quartz rock or sandstones [], conglomerates, shales and limestones, with interposed beds of greenstone. * * * On a cluster of small islands * * * granite was found breaking through the quartz . . .

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