The Physiography of the Island.

Geographic Position.—The island of Navassa is situated in latitude 18° 25′ north and longitude 75° 5′ west of Greenwich, in the Windward Passage channel, between the islands of Hayti on the east and Jamaica on the west, and about 1,300 miles from New York. Its discovery is generally credited to Captain E. K. Cooper, a Baltimore sea captain, who, at least, in 1857, placed it under the protection of the United States flag.

The extreme length of the island, between its northwestern and eastern points, is 2¼ miles (11,700 feet), and its greatest width is 1⅓ miles (7,250 feet). The island is shaped something like a pear, with the stem to the west-ward.

The small sketch map forming figure 1, drawn from surveys in 1803 by Captain R. Owen, of the English service, and printed in 1856 by the French Marine department, shows with . . .

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