The purpose of this paper is to give a brief résumé of the conclusions arrived at by the writer respecting the different faunas included in the different terranes in and about Quebec city. These conclusions are based upon an examination of several recent collections of fossils (made by Mr. Weston in 1877made by Mr. Weston in 1887 and 1890; by Dr. Ells, l’Abbé Laflamme and Mr. Giroux in 1888; by Mr. St. Cyr in 1888, 1889 and 1890; and by the writer in 1886, 1887, 1888 and 1890) and upon an examination of the extensive collections and material which Sir William Logan and Mr. Billings made use of in describing the geology and paleontology of this interesting though complicated region.

The localities from which the collections above mentioned were made are all included within a radius of about fifteen miles from Quebec city as a center. The following localities are included:

I. Quebec . . .

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