Previous Studies.

For a number of years past I have given some of my spare time in the summer, generally with the assistance of Mr. C. L. Whittle, of the United States Geological Survey, to the study of the Triassic formation of Connecticut, especially in the neighborhood of Meriden. The peculiar structure of the formation is well shown there, and it makes an excellent problem for field teaching; for that reason Meriden has been chosen for several seasons as one of the districts to be visited by the Harvard Summer School of Geology. The following papers have been published during the progress of my study:

“Brief Notice of Observations on the Triassic Trap Rocks of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey:” Amer. Journ. Sci., 3d ser., vol. XXIV, 1882, pp. 345–349.

“The Structural Value of the Trap Ridges of the Connecticut Valley:” Proc. . . .

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