Of late years much evidence has accumulated to the effect that, under deep-seated conditions of igneous intrusion, not only is contact action widespread and on a large scale, but also that rock injection and rock assimilation are equally, or even more, pronounced. During the field work of the special committee on the correlation of the pre-Cambrian rocks of the Adirondack mountains, the original Laurentian area and of eastern Ontario, it was noteworthy that in both areas visited such phenomena were prominently to the fore. This paper deals with one of the specific instances examined by the committee, an asymmetric bathylith of syenite occurring in the mid-Adirondack region, whose asymmetry is thought to be owing to incorporation and assimilation of material from the bordering rocks.

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The syenite rock in question is a common one in the Precambric area of northern New York, occurring in both large and small . . .

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