The meteoric iron which is here described was plowed up in the spring of 1887 on the farm of Mr Henry Runke, about 4 miles west of Algoma post-office, Ahnapee township, Kewaunee county, Wisconsin. The man who was guiding the plow noticed the heavy metal as it was turned up by the plow from the depth of but a few inches. Mr Richard Runke, son of the farmer, was present and reports that the hired man placed the object upon a large stone and struck it a number of blows with another stone used as a sledge, in an attempt to break it. The evidence of this maltreatment it bears in a series of dents, especially upon its convex surface (a a, figure 1; see also plate 3). Subsequently it was vigorously attacked with cold chisel and hammer (see especially the groove upon its concave side, plate 4). A . . .

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