The age, emplacement, and metamorphic history of the garnet amphibolitic and retrogressed eclogitic slices in the Menderes Massif (Eastern Aegean) have been a matter of debate since the 1990’s. Late Cretaceous garnet amphibolitic and retrogressed eclogitic slices in the Bozdağ and Çine nappes show low-angle tectonic contacts with the surrounding Early Cambrian meta-siliciclastics in the Alaşehir-Yahyaalcı and late Neoproterozoic basement rocks in the Birgi and Tire-Çamlıca Klippe in the northern Menderes Massif. Lower and upper intercept ages on the discordia diagrams of the garnet amphibolitic slices are 82 ± 230 Ma and 554 ± 14 Ma, respectively, in the Yahyaalcı-Alaşehir area of the Bozdağ Nappe; and 96 ± 260 Ma and 550 ± 13 Ma, respectively, in the Camlica-Tire Klippe area of the Çine Nappe. Retrogressed eclogitic slices give dates of 81 ± 13 Ma lower intercept and 546 ± 13 Ma upper intercept discordant ages in the Yenişehir-Kiraz area of the Çine Nappe. Lower intercept age of 81 ± 13 Ma is supported by two spots dated on metamorphic zircons showing positive Eu patterns yielding 86.0 ± 1.3 Ma concordant age. Zircon U-Pb dating on the oscillatory zoning spots are dated as 537.5 ± 1.6 Ma (mean square weighted deviation [MSWD] = 1.5, n = 41) for the garnet amphibolic slices in the Yahyaalcı-Alaşehir area (Bozdağ Nappe), 539.0 ± 1.1 Ma (MSWD = 1.4, n = 56) for the garnet amphibolite slices in the Camlica-Tire Klippe area (Çine Nappe), and 536.6 ± 2.3 Ma (MSWD = 1.7, n = 32) for the retrogressed eclogitic slices (Çine Nappe). These ages combined with Eu negative anomalies on the dated spots are evaluated as representing their magmatic crystallization ages of the protoliths. Garnet isopleth intersections and pseudosections gave pressure-temperature conditions of 14 kbar and ~680 °C for the retrogressed eclogites, whereas garnet amphibolites display disequilibrium in whole rock scale. We propose that the age of their protoliths likely correlate with the Cadomian rift-related Early Cambrian meta-mafic dykes that were subducted beneath the İzmir-Ankara-Erzincan Neotethyan lithosphere during the Late Cretaceous. The new rutile U-Pb age of 30.1 ± 2.0 Ma supports that the tectonic slices of the İzmir-Ankara oceanic lithosphere and metamorphosed Tauride-Anatolide continental margin were emplaced onto the Menderes Massif to generate the “main Menderes metamorphic terrane” during the latest Paleocene and early Eocene.

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