In central Missouri Carboniferous stratigraphy presents unusual relationships. Nowhere else in the whole region does the same succession of Paleozoic terranes prevail. Beginning with the typical Chouteau limestone as the basal member, the Carboniferous sequence rests directly on Ordovician dolomites. In other parts of the state the hiatus is represented by extensive sections of Silurian and Devonian age. Of these the last mentioned is by far the most important. In the region contiguous the deposits laid down during the Devonian interval are in many respects of exceptional interest.

It is here purposed to regard the beds formed during the Devonian interval as a formation having distinct individuality. While unequally developed, it is not so indefinitely defined as has appeared at first glance or as has been generally supposed. The ascribed vagueness has been found to be due in great measure to the fact of its being little understood.

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